Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pixie Fluff pocket diaper and cover review.

Pixie Fluff small diaper cover
This is my review for Pixie Fluff One Size pocket diaper and diaper cover.

I have to say out right, I had a bit of trouble diapering my son as a newborn. He would leak out of everything I tried (until I discovered hemp!)
But this was one of my favorite covers.
The rise was low enough that it didn't cover the cord, three snap settings for a perfect fit at the waist. Roomy enough to allow for enough to soak up whatever my super soaker offered!
The only con I found was it faded fast, but I also used it a ton, so it got washed every two days!

And my review of the pocket diaper is also very favorable! It has a unique jersey inner. Allows for the pee to go through to the insert faster while keeping baby dry!
I had no issues with fading with this one and it's in just about every wash still for almost a year now!
Great fit, great adjustment options.
Fits my now 14 month old great with room to grow!

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