Monday, February 24, 2014

MamaJewel's Handmade Jems mama cloth review.

I won a contest through her site a while back, and also have made purchases.
She runs a Facebook page and an etsy store. Awesome customer service, great quality product, different sizes and absorbancies available. She also does customs.

I have three of her regular pads, they are made with suedecloth as the top layer closest to the skin, one layer of zorb in the middle (very trim and absorbs 10x it's weight in a second! So maximum absorbency without the bulk) and backed in fleece.
They are also 9 inches long, perfect length for regular days.

I have a variety of mama cloth and I have to say for those concerned about the bulk, these are for you! They are so trim but hold up as good as my thicker, longer night time pads.
I even used them postpartum when my bleeding slowed a bit more.
They are my go to when I am going out since they are so much thinner, I can bring them and they easily fit in my small to go wet bag.
So check her out!
Her Facebook: CLICK HERE

Example of her pads:

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