Sunday, May 1, 2011

Update of my review of Bumbledoo mama cloth! 8 months in and still loving them!

I wanted to do an update of the mama cloth that made me a convert 8 months ago!!

I won a contest Bumbedoo had on her Facebook page in August. I had never tried mama cloth before, was a little grossed out by the idea, but I tried it and haven't gone back to disposables since!

They are holding up well, no complaints at all. Most of my "stash" of mama cloth is from Bumbledoo.

They have held up in the wash better than the others I have. I have had no issues with the snaps or any of the sewing. But I do have an issue with a little leaking through and around the edges.

I use Charlie's Soap to wash them and it gets them clean and line drying suns out the stains that happen.

I would recommend not drying them to make them longer lasting!

Overall, great product! I am very satisfied with them!

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