Thursday, July 30, 2015

Menstruation and Islam, a little clarification on the subject.

I have seen some half truths being posted on some other blogs in the reusable menstrual products circle about the views on menstruation in Islam.
I am a Muslim woman. I am a reusable menstrual products advocate. And this little hobby blog may not make much noise but at least there will be something out there in the subject!

There are rules for Muslim women when it comes to our periods. Lets start with prayer. Typically we pray 5 times a day. And it's not just sitting and praying silently. It's much more physical. Standing, bowing half down, all the way to the floor, back up again multiple times at each prayer.
Many women already struggle with fatigue during their periods and other physical symptoms on our body.
Because of this reason we are exempt from prayer. But not for the reasons I keep reading elsewhere, that we are considered unclean.

Same with fasting. A woman's body is already going through a lot so we are exempt from putting it through the added stress of no food or drink from sunrise to sunset!
This ruling applies to women with post partum bleeding too for the same reasons.
Not because we are viewed as "unclean" or "impure", but as a mercy for us. Our bodies are already undergoing enough physically!

These are just a few of the misconceptions I have read a few times.
Feel free to ask me any other questions.

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