Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review of "Dependable Luxury", now known as "Mommy's Touch" cloth menstrual pads!i

I participated in the referral giveaway they did back in September 2010. I had a huge issue with getting the pads. They didn't expect the response they got, and had horrible communication. Me and many others would email and just get the same copy and paste message back, not answering a single question we had about the status of our pads. Finally got a wall post months later from the owner of "For the Monster" site saying she needed our contact information and she would be sending our prizes. Awesome! Got them and they were the best pads I have tried. Very soft, absorbent, I have never had a leaking problem. They are my go to night time pads too because they are longer than most mama cloth I have bought. The quality is also great too. They have held up all this time, no staining, and look brand new! And don't even get me started on the pattern! They have a printed brocade material. Gorgeous, shiny. Very feminine rather than what most makers use, kind of kiddy print! I have ordered 3 more since, from "For the Monster", and actually just ordered 2 last night because they will work great for me in my post partum period too! So despite the bad customer service in regards to the give away, these pads are my favorites on my stash for over nights and heavy days and held up great even with all the use they get! And I also like that I have an alternative, more reliable source to buy from. Link:!/FortheMonster?__user=511357488

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  1. Thank You for your kinds words. I was glad I was able to help! For the Monster is here to help with all your mama cloth needs! and